Thursday, June 18, 2009

Puppies and kitten tales...

I had a great time today. I spent a good amount of time playing ball with Gabriel (I only wish it were less humid). I sat with the kittens several times so they could start getting used to me. I even got a couple of them to play with some toys with me. At their young age, they don't really care to be petted. They like to play, eat and sleep. Oh, and fill the litter box up again and again. LOL I also got to spend some time with my sister and her kids. I only wish I saw them more often.

I even got to sew some. I worked on a charity project, making some templates for another ufo and did some more hand applique on my next 2 Ladies of the Sea blocks. I'm committed to getting at least 6 (out of 16) done this year. Here are the first 2 again...

Tomorrow looks like it will largely be a repeat of today. I do want to get started on a gift for my secret sister though. I need to have it done by the end of the month which is not that far off. I've also been going through my mom's house and taking pictures of some projects I've made for her. This is a patriotic wallhanging I made for one of the bathrooms. She decorated it in a patriotic theme so it fits right in. I had to sit on the counter to get the picture and couldn't manage to get the top border in.

All the blue and white triangles are actually folded so they have some more dimension. Here's a closeup...

I love blogs with lots of pictures, so I'm trying to incorporate them into mine. It's also a good diary. Time passes so quickly and I feel like I don't get much accomplished. This is a visual reminder of how much I've really done. Until later, have a blessed day!

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